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Talc foil in its dusting pot, is a micronized powder based on carbamate that is easily distributed when applied to the fur or plumage of animals. Its high tolerance allows to treat even felines. 

For the exclusive use of the Veterinary Zootechnician.

Propoxur at 1%.
Sprinkler bottle with 100 g.
Cutaneous, in beds, nests or places frequented by animals.
In dogs, cats and other quadrupeds, sprinkle the product distributing it by rubbing the entire body. In poultry pay special attention in the area of ??the cloaca, under the wings and in the nests.


Bolco talco is excellent for the prevention and control of pests such as fleas, lice, corucos and other ectoparasites of dogs, cats, poultry and other domestic animals except for ornamental birds.

For better results in the control of fleas and other ectoparasites in companion animals, it is recommended to bathe them with Asuntol soap (only for dogs) or Bolfo shampoo , and then sprinkle them with Bolfo talcumto avoid reinfestation. In the case of poultry sprinkle only with tallow Bolfo . Do not treat ornamental birds or singers.


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