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Enrofloxacin 20%

Reg. SAGARPA Q-7833-090
Enrofloxacin 20%


Synthetic broad-spectrum antimicrobial action, rapid absorption and distribution (in 1 to 2 hrs), which has high efficiency actively reaching any part of the body, both located in organs infections (including bones) and systemic infection (even in the LCR).


Each 100 ml contains:
Enrofloxacin 20.0g
Vehicle cbp 100.0ml


Enrofloxacin is characterized by having a good antimicrobial activity against microorganisms even less susceptible or resistant to other commonly used antibiotics in animals. It has an excellent pharmacokinetic behavior, with easy administration, almost complete absorption and tissue distribution that ensures minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) against microorganisms that cause most diseases in animals. Its therapeutic index is high, and can be administered without problems in combination therapies with other medicines. Is, without doubt, an excellent tool for clinical management in veterinary medicine.


Inhibits 20% PIROFLOX® DNAgirasa, bacterial enzyme involved in most biological processes involving DNA, such as transcription, recombination, replication and repair.The DNAgirasa is a type II topoisomerase, and is the only of its kind capable of introducing a negative helical coiled-coil within the DNA molecule, playing a critical role in the maintenance of genomic superhelical density. Furthermore inhibit topoisomerase IV, an essential chromosomal segregation in prokaryotes. In some species of bacteria such as E. coli, the main site of action is the DNAgirasa while in others, such as S. aureus, which is topoisomerase IV. Whereas these enzymes have somewhat different functions, it is likely that bacteria differ in their responses according to what the point of action.


For its rapid absorption and high plasma concentration PIROFLOX® 20% concentrated oral solution is indicated for the treatment of infectious disease of birds caused by Gram negative and Gram positive and mycoplasmas, whether they are single or mixed asEscherichia coli, Haemophilus spp, Pasteurella multocida, Salmonella sp, Staphylococcus sp, Streptococcus sp, Corynebacterium sp, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Mycoplasma sp., which is ready to be administered in the drinking water.


Dose per weight: Administer 10 mg / kg bodyweight (1.0 ml of 20% PIROFLOX® concentrated oral solution per 20 kg of body weight) Dose volume of drinking water.Medicated water with 50 ppm (1.0 ml Manage PIROFLOX® 20% oral solution per 4 liters of water).
Forms of treatment:
Treatment by continuous administration: Dilute the required volume of PIROFLOX® 20% oral solution in the appropriate volume of drinking water and provide continuous water birds medicated for your time.
Treatment by weight: 1. Calculate the amount of PIROFLOX® 20% concentrated oral solution required for total kilos of birds to be treated; 2. Calculate the amount of water consumed daily by birds treated. 3. Dilute all the volume of medication in 1/4 the volume of drinking water consumed daily by the batch. 4. Wait for the animals medicated total water consumed. 5. During the day unmedicated water management.


Oral drinking water.


In any form of treatment, the birds should be medicated at least 3 days and can extend treatment for 5 days.
Withdrawal period:
The meat from treated birds may not be used for human consumption until 5 days after the last treatment. The egg from treated birds may not be used for human consumption until six days after the last treatment.
Keep the bottles out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight


Contact your veterinarian.
Its sale requires a prescription.


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