Sangha® Gel

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Sangha® Gel
Sangha® Gel is the most practical solution to end roaches in the home, industries, hotels, etc.


Sangha® Gel contains an irresistible attractant for cockroaches, they feed on the gel and die.


Sangha® Gel is very easily applied, just place several points through the syringe in the places where roaches frequent, such as kitchens, cupboards, stoves, wet places, bathrooms, rooms, etc.


Sangha® Gel is made from Abamectin, a derivative of a natural soil fungus, safe for people and pets, but its effect is lethal for cockroaches.


The Sangha® Gel points remain active for several days after placement. Its action is effective to control roaches and other insects such as ants.


It does not contain the dangerous insecticides commonly used in aerosols and liquid spray applications.


It can be used in "delicate or restricted" places such as electrical equipment, refrigerators, stoves, food preparation areas, restaurants, hospitals, etc.


Its use is safe and non-polluting.


Does not stain, does not smell, does not emit toxic vapors.




Sangha® Gel Syringe applicator 30 g

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