Super Vitamina B12 5500 100ml

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Restorative vitamin immediate and sustained action 



Each ml contains:

Cyanocobalamin (B12)

2,500 mcg


3,000 mcg

Vitamin B15

1,250 mcg

Biotin (Vitamin H)

50 mcg

Liver extract

4% (V / V)

Vehicle cbp 1 ml.




Cattle, horses, goats, pigs, roosters, cats, sheep, dogs. 





In cases of pernicious anemia, as an appetite stimulant when suspected vitamin deficiency, to maintain the proper functioning of the nervous system in states of tension, it is recommended when sudden changes in environment, food or temperature occur. 










Birds of combat: 0.5 ml.

Horses: 5 ml.

Cattle, sheep, goats and pigs: 2-5 ml.

Canines and felines: 0.5 to 1 ml.

Ostriches 3-6 months: 0.5 to 1.5 ml intramuscularly.

Ostriches 6 months and older: 1.5 to 4 ml intramuscularly.

The application can be repeated in two or three days.

ADMINISTRATION: Intramuscular, intravenous or subcutaneous.



Store in cool, dry place.


Keep out of reach of children.


Consult your veterinarian Zootecnista.



Flasks with 5, 30 and 100 ml. 



Comments and ratings: Super Vitamina B12 5500 100ml

By Jay. April 5, 2015.

Sir are you shipping in Canada?
we currently only ship to USA sorry

By emelio. March 25, 2015.

Hi.Sir my next order Super Vitamina B-12 5500 i need red box color.follow your site color.thanks.
pleas not its the same the lab is going trough an image change there is nothing we can do to stop that also they run out of the chicken logo as well sometimes and send the horse but if you read the ingredients its the same as well as were it says dosage thanks

By Makoy. March 11, 2015.

Did they change the label for super vitamina b-12 5500?or still the same?
they have all changed from the lab of tornel trying to explain the its the same lab they just did a image change thanks

By romy. February 16, 2015.

sir,ur super vitamin b12 5500 is made of u.s.a.&is it free shipping in Illinois where it comes from
it is free shipping in all USA thanks

By alex. February 6, 2015.

I got super vitamin a from you but the box color is blue different from the picture on your site is red
the ingredients is the same would you like to change it ??

By hans. February 3, 2015.

Hello sir..Do you ship to canada?..Thanks
we currently only ship USA only thanks

By rudy. January 31, 2015.

are y'all out of stock??
at moment yes they are backed order another 100 are on their way thanks

By Nitin. January 15, 2015.

I wanted to order 10 of B12 Vitamin 5500 100 ml bottles. Will I get one free with the Order? How much time will it take to deliver it to Minnesota? FYI. I am travelling to India on 24th Jan. Is it possible to receive the order if I order it now? Please respond asap. Thanks Nitin
yes sir if you do order 10 you will get 1 free also pleas put order in asap as you need it for the 24 thanks

By Hamid Ali. January 8, 2015.

Hello sir . i want two bottles of B 12 can you shipping to Pakistan Lahore . please tell me
we currently dont have international shipping

By Dex. January 2, 2015.

I just placed my order for 2 SV B12, When will expect to arrive in AZ?
you should be getting a tracking number soon been busy with the holy days and orders thanks

By Tommy. December 29, 2014.

How long it take to send to the United States?
usually 2-3 days to ship then what ever it takes the carrier also depends on the days and holydays thanks

By henry. December 28, 2014.

Sir, Do you have a 5 years expiration?
its 2 years maybe 3 not 5 we apologize

By Francis. December 13, 2014.

Do you have super vitamins that will expire by 2017 or over? Pls let me know. Thank you.

By George. October 19, 2014.

If I buy a least 5 different things you give discount
only for buying 10 of one you get one free thanks

By Willie. September 9, 2014.

Is this comes in 3 boxes as shown in picture and also how many years is the expiration date? The name of the vitamin is Super Vitamin B12 5500. Thanks!
this product is only for one it is stated on the title of the item chosen thanks

By sjc. May 1, 2014.

when is the expiriration?
should be 2016 thanks

By JoeG. February 13, 2014.

Best B12 on the well with Ascorbaol.

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