Endovet Gallos 100pills

Endovet Gallos 100pills

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Oral broad spectrum anthelmintic 



Each tablet contains:


1 mg


25 mg


40 mg

Excipient cbp

1 tablet


Birds Gamecocks. 


Oral broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment and control of nematodes and adjuvant in controlling ectoparasites such as lice sucking blood, blood-sucking mites and mites that cause mange in fighting cocks.

MECHANISM OF ACTION: Ivermectin stimulates the release of GABA from one nerve ending or a nerve to a muscle cell in nematodes and arthropods cell and enhances the binding of GABA receptors in special nerve synapses, interrupting the nerve impulse paralyzing the parasite which eventually dies.

Praziquantel motility affects proper operation as sucking cestode organs, also affects the parasite integument, resulting in excessive loss of calcium and glucose.

Fenbendazole mechanisms inhibits glucose uptake by the nematode, the production of ATP and glycogen utilization. Inhibits phosphorylation oxidative processes that affect the energy of the parasite. Fumarate reductase enzyme reduces inhibiting power generation level of mitochondria.

ENDOVET ® GALLOS has great effectiveness against the most common nematodes of birds such as: Ascaridia galli, Heterakis gallinae, Heterakis gallinarum, Acuaria spiralis, Capillaria caudinflata, Oxyspirura mansoni, suctoria Subulura, Capillaria obsignata, Heterakis, Capillaria spp, Contracaecum multipapillatum, Mesostephanus appendiculatoides, Phagicola longus.

The cestodes affected by ENDOVET ® GALLOS are: Raillietina tetragona, Raillietina echinobothrida, Raillietina cesticillus, Raillietina spp, Houttuynia struthionus, Choanotaenia infundibulum. Its effectiveness includes some trematodes and microfilaria.

Regarding ENDOVET ® GALLOS ectoparasites is an excellent adjunct in the control paws or scabies Knemidocóptica scabies (Knemidocoptes pilae) tick Argas persicus, columbae Megninia mites, lice and corucos columbae Columbicola (Ornithonyssus sylviarum).


Dosage: One tablet per 2.5 kg bodyweight. One shot.

Frequency: For the treatment and control of roundworms and tapeworms in heavy infestations it is recommended to repeat the treatment after the first 14-20 days. To flukes and Capillaria give treatment for three days. As an aid in the control of ectoparasites can repeat the dose at intervals of seven days for no more than 4 occasions.


Oral such as direct shot at the peak.


Do not use this product in hypersensitive to ingredients in the formula animals.

For use against ectoparasites is important to note that the drug is only trying to birds. Action shots with the environment surrounding birds (nests, floors, walls, ceilings and cages) and not mix infected birds and non-medicated with those who are in treatment is necessary.

Do not use in birds producing eggs for human consumption.

Aquatic organisms are highly sensitive to the toxicity of ivermectin, so empty containers and any residual contents should be discarded, burial or incineration.

Store product in a cool, dry and protected from light.

Keep out of reach of children.

Its sale requires a prescription.

Consult your veterinarian.

Withdrawal period: Do not use the product 28 days before slaughter of animals intended for human consumption.


Box with 20 tablets.

Consignor 25 portfolios containing 4 tablets each.

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