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Formula Quantity
Colloidal kaolin 10.00 gr
Citrus Pectin 2.00 gr
Diiodohydroxyquinoline 2.00 gr
Ftalyl sulfatiazole 10.50 gr
Neomycin sulfate 1.50 gr
Homatropine methyl bromide 0.03 gr
Vitamin A 62,500 IU
Excipient cbp 100 gr


It is a soluble powder used in the integral treatment of diarrhea, since it contains Neomycin and Ftalilsulfatiazol that attack and control existing bacterial infections, while Diiodohidroxiquinoleina acts against the protozoa involved. On the other hand, Kaolin and Pectin protect the gastroenteric mucosa preventing irritation and the absorption of toxins. The anti-cholinergic and antispasmodic action of homatropine reduces hyperperistalsis and therefore colic; it diminishes the hypersecretion of the liquids of the digestive tract. For its part, Vitamin A is an aid in the repair of the epithelia, helping to preserve its integrity.


It efficiently controls the infectious gastroenteric processes that occur with diarrhea. Useful when an antibiotic, adsorbent and antispasmodic action is needed in mechanical, bacterial and protozoan diarrhea in different animal species. It can be established as a coadjuvant in the treatment of nonspecific diarrhea.

ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE: Oral in drinking water. Dissolve 1 gr of ANTIDIARREICO VEDI for each 5 kg of weight in warm water, give the intake every 8 hours in the case of small species and every 12 hours in large species. Administer it for 3 to 5 days.


Mamgue in a dry place free of moisture.

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